Club Rules


We expect a high level of commitment from each player and it is important to attend regularly. Failure to attend a training session may mean that you are not guaranteed play at the next match.


Subscription: £2 per week (over 18 and in full-time employment otherwise £1 per week) the money goes towards court fees, umpire fees and equipment costs. Other activities such as car boot sales may be used to raise funds.

A Club Fee of £5 will be payable by all club members at the beginning of each Winter Season or soon after joining, if mid season. Every new member is given two week's free sessions to decide if they want to come on a regular basis.


We will endeavour to find sponsors to ensure that we have funds to kit out a second team and also ensure that we have enough balls etc. to train with. Anyone who is able to find sponsorship should do so, we do not have any one person responsible for this.


Team selection will be based on ability, fitness and game plan i.e. team make up may vary based on the opposition in any given game. If our ambition is to progress then we will have to approach games on a tactical basis and therefore no player will have a guaranteed position or be guarantee to play. (As and when a second team is in place the same principles/ processes will apply).

The Captain

The Team Captain is responsible for making decisions regarding making changes throughout the game. Her decision is final. In the event that the captain is not available then the decision will be made by the Vice Captain.

The Coach

The coach will decide positioning for the team, and her decision is final. Every team member will be given a second position which will increase players skills and make them more versatile.


We will have at least four meetings per year to discuss progress and team performance.