When and where do we train?

We train on a weekly basis on Thursday from 7.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m. at Wavell in Farnborough.

Where do we play matches?

Matches take place on alternate Monday evening during the Winter League (September – April) at Wavell, matches start at either 7.15 p.m. or 8.30 p.m. During the Summer League matches will be played on either Monday or Wednesday evenings depending on the division the team is playing in, the matches will start at either 7.15 p.m. or 8.30 p.m.

How much does it cost?

Please note the fees outlined below will be reviewed at end of September due to an increase in training sessions from 2 to 4 per month. A monthly fee of £15 per month to cover the cost of 4 training sessions per month and entry into the league, players can either pay by direct debit, (details available from the Treasurer) or on the first training session of every month for the coming month. Umpire costs will be £2 per week on alternate weeks. (Note if only half a game played only £1 needs to be paid towards umpire fees). At the start of the winter season each player needs to pay affiliation of £30, this enables players to ensure they are insured and registered to play via AENA, all players will also be entitled to receive the regular Netball magazine as part of this membership fee.

How are teams selected?

The Coach – Carol Williams is responsible for choosing teams in consultation with the team captains. Her decision is final.

Player Progression

The Coach in consultation with team captains will judge players based on ability, performance and commitment.

Kit Hire

On joining the club players must pay £15 (including £5 deposit) to hire kit, on leaving players must return kit and will receive £5 deposit back.

Personal details

Please ensure you inform your team captain if your details change.

Keeping in contact

If you are not able to attend training or a match please contact your team captain.

Club Structure

Club Captain
Jo Gray
Vice Club Captain
Carol Peake
Team Captains
A team Carol Peake
B team Susannah Clements
Carol Williams
Claire Everill
Club Umpires
Sarah Lewis
Sue Niblett
Social Secretary
Kit Specialist
Sarah Lewis

Social Events

We will attempt as a club to have 2 social events per year.

All details correct as at 25th August 2005.